June 2nd, 2005

Halloween Cat

Something is biting me...

How is it possible that it's June already?

My skin is marred with about a dozen bites of some description. They itch. I have never seen the insect responsible for these bites. Why, why, why do they find me so tasty? It seems to happen every year.

Fandom is the same everywhere I go. I dared to speak up on my Dwight list about my ambivalence about his new disc -- this lead to some interesting discussion with sane, intelligent friends on list, and quite a few snippy or downright rude slurs and insults from those for whom "Dwight is perfect, ALWAYS!" They loved Pete Anderson until he had the temerity to sue Dwight for breaking their contract, canceling more than half of the mostly sold-out 2002 tour, backing out of a promised resumption of that tour in the first half of 2003, and costing Pete (as well as MANY others) a lot of money. Apparently, that is just totally unreasonable of Pete. Of course, since I'd stood up for Pete in THAT instance, I was already branded in their eyes. "Of course, you're REALLY a Pete Anderson fan, so of course you think [the disc isn't good]." Uh... yeah.

SIGH. It really doesn't surprise me. I've run into these sorts in every fandom I've ever been involved in, but it still annoys me.

That said, parts of the disc has grown on me. Perhaps by the time I have to turn in my review, I won't completely pan it.

I need to update my website this weekend. Maybe there will be time (ho).
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