May 21st, 2005

Halloween Cat

Indecisive and indescribable

I just read an article that rahirah posted a link to. It's so deeply disturbing and totally sucky that I feel the need for something thoroughly fun and mindless:

Star Wars Horoscope for Leo

You add a whole new meaning to self-assurance.
You are a nurturing person with great physical strength.
Like many Leos, you will see that your mission for good is completed.
You are very optimistic about the future.

Star wars character you are most like: Princess Leia

I'm suffering from a combination reviewer/fan nightmare. I just got my promotional copy of Dwight Yoakam's upcoming CD, Blame the Vain, and for the first time ever since I became a Dwight Yoakam fan, I don't think I like it. I'm TRYING to like it, because it's Dwight, but it's just... well, not that good. Not as good as I expect from Yoakam, anyway. I'm finding it lacking in his usual crispness and depth, and Lord help me, it's derivative (something I never thought I'd say about Yoakam). I'm concerned that it's a kneejerk reaction to "No Pete Anderson" on it, and am trying desperately to be objective, but there's just something about it that tells me you cannot replace a Guitar God with a merely good guitar player. Quite aside from the less-than-godly lead guitar, it's just not as good overall, although there are some pretty decent tracks. I'm hoping it'll grow on me before I have to review it, or my friends on the Dwight list may ostracize me. :)

Of course, it's come just after one of the finest discs I've listened to in a long time (review here). Ah, dang. I just noticed my editor changed "It's frelling good" to "It's really good." I should have known that one wouldn't go through. :)
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