May 20th, 2005

Halloween Cat

Oppressive heat

Last night I woke up about quarter to midnight bathed in sweat and aware of Something Wrong. I opened my eyes to utter darkness, which in this world of streetlights and glowing digital clocks, is totally Wrong. The power was out, and a quick check said it was out across the street, too. We'd finally broken down and turned on the air conditioner, so the house was closed up, and I opened windows and got the battery clock with an alarm just in case, and managed to get back to sleep.

I woke up at 1:30 and power was all back on. I got up again to close windows and doors, took Advil because of terrible headache, and once again managed to get back to sleep.

Strange Buffy dream was going on when alarm and cat went off. Something about a drive-through mall-like thing, Almay makeup, and a burrito place. I don't remember many details, although Buffy was having a Slayer vision about dead babies (minorly disturbing). It was still hot in the house. Despite having been on all night, the air conditioner had not cooled the place, which means something is wrong. {extremely heavy sigh} I hope it's something we can fix easily.

Headache is back. There's an Ozone Alert and an Extreme Heat Warning posted for today. Sometimes it's such a joy living in a gigantic desert city. Of course, it's only going to be 107 today, which tells me how lightweight Phoenix residents have gotten. A decade ago we didn't get "Extreme" heat warnings at all, except that week when it topped 122. I wouldn't be concerned about it myself except for that pesky lack of air conditioning. Of course, last time it stopped working it WAS something easily fixable, so hopefully my crankiness can be that easily fixed.

The other morning I dropped a can of tomato paste on my toe. I'm lucky it was one of those little cans, because a larger can probably would have broken something. As is, it's very swollen and bruised. Doesn't hurt too badly right now, but there's some pain down deep in the foot.

Today is apparently "Cheap Gas Friday," and they're dropping clues for a station which is selling at $1.12 a gallon today. Unfortunately, from the clues so far, it sounds like it's clear out in Mesa, and I don't really need gas right now, anyway, since I filled up Monday.
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