May 17th, 2005

Halloween Cat

Kick me now!

I get back good, solid, constructive criticism on my writing and I have that sick weirdness in my tummy and feel all cranky and moody about it, yet I know the comments were good and viable and I will use them in the second drafting, but still, after all that, I still feel all fluttery, cranky, and generally crushed (that "God, I suck" feeling). Do any writers ever get over that feeling?

I'm wondering if my general malaise and laziness has to do with the increasing heat or the fact that Ellen has been so darned boring lately. Mostly pretty people and teenybopper idols who just don't interest me at all have been her guests and I find myself roaming away from the TV after the monologue rather than sticking out a full hour-long workout.

This morning I read a staggeringly good review of Revenge of the Sith, which made my geeky heart skip a beat; moreso because it was written by an actual fan of the series (the original). I may actually have to break down and SEE this one, although said reviewer admitted that Lucas still tends to ignore some important points of moviemaking: writing and acting.
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