May 15th, 2005

Halloween Cat

Where does the weekend go?

It's a title I've used before, but it's a question that bears asking numerous times.

Today was a pretty good Sunday. We watched Dr Who (another staggeringly good episode), visited a little with the niece and nephew & long-suffering sister-in-law, who is preparing for cross-country move while her husband's company keeps changing time tables and their new house hasn't closed yet; then we took the mom-in-law to lunch and moved some stuff for her, then came home and gamed for a while as I was able to pry rahirah from "The Project" for a while, we finished the laundry, I baked cookies that did not fall flat, and now it's about time for bed.

Good day, all around.

It's getting hot already. I don't know how hot it was today; it was supposed to hit the first 100, but it may not have gotten there. It's supposed to be 96 tomorrow, and only 91 on Tuesday, with 101 predicted for Thursday. Well, it is halfway through May. We'll have to see how long it takes us to turn on the air conditioner.

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Twenty-five years ago today Mt. Saint Helens erupted. Good site with lots of interesting pictures on it.

I haven't written a word in over a week.
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