May 6th, 2005

Halloween Cat


The problem with book/movie memes is invariably I see in friends journals all the titles I forgot on mine, like Princess Bride (both book and movie). It was the first movie I ever saw a) a sneak preview of, which b) had an entire audience who knew all the best lines at that very first World Premiere showing. We got to see that special screening at the old Orpheum in downtown Phoenix at the World SF Con in 1987, and since the audience was crammed with fen who all knew the book by heart, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) said, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die" right from the first time Inigo said it.

I remember when an old boyfriend first got me to read the book, back in '83, which he'd read some years before and wasn't even sure he could find again. We found an old, old paperback copy in a used bookstore and I fell in love with it immediately. At the time I didn't even know who William Goldman was. We used to talk about the book all the time, even discussing who would be cast in the film "if they made one" (the only one we got right was Andre the Giant).

The amazing thing is I haven't gotten it on DVD yet, but I have been slow to replace old tapes of some things, since I seem to be bent more toward getting new things. The main tapes I've replaced have been ones which NEEDED to be seen widescreen, like some musicals.

Today I listened to Bob Dole on the Diane Rehm show, and I realized he was another Republican I could admire even while disagreeing with him. He has something few Republicans today seem to have: a sense of humor. I remember when he went on SNL right after the '96 election and he was so funny people wondered why he hadn't done it before -- he might have won (or at least done better).

Water doesn't do the trick for the cough/throat. So I'm drinking a lot more soda. I've had to go to the bathroom a million times today. :P So here's the thing. I realized I was actually getting a little addicted to sinus medication -- I was taking antihistamines to get to sleep and pseudoephedrine to wake up in the morning, which seemed to me to be a little unhealthy when I thought about it. I figured I should be taking the stuff only when I needed it, and not all the time. So I'm now a week without any allergy medications whatsoever, which might be part of the cause of the throat/cough; however, I've been sleeping through the nights and waking up naturally just before the alarm goes off. I'm coughing all over the place, but I'm less dragged-out sleepy during the days. So now I'll take something and see if I am just having allergic reactions to something or if I have a cold coming on. :)
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