May 2nd, 2005

Halloween Cat

Doctor Dreams

I've never had a Doctor Who dream before. I wish I could remember more of it. I just remember Grave Peril and being, at different times, Rose and the Doctor, and at least once I was watching it as though it were on TV, but I can't remember the details, dang it.

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I had several other dreams, but because I kept waking up I was groggy and don't remember any of them really well. Just flashes. I woke up with one arm completely dead and it took a while of shaking the blood back into it to get tingles, even; and then when I was brushing my hair I noticed that the imprint of the back of my hand, including fingernails, was embedded on the inside of my other arm. I must have been sleeping REALLY hard. No wonder it had no circulation left.

Another exceedingly busy day at work. One of our scanners was down most of the day so the backup was terrible. We're going to fall behind tomorrow unless we really knuckle down and get some stuff done. Another crew member has gotten promoted out. God knows I could, myself, but Lord, I don't want to deal with customers. I like being internal.

I managed to make another excruciating math error in my checkbook and realized yesterday I actually have $100 less than I thought. heavy sigh Good thing I didn't buy anything at CostCo Sunday. Bad enough I'd purchased a few things at Amazon's used marketplace... at least I bought 'em USED.

Now I want a Doctor icon of some sort. I still need a House one. (Aieee! I just found houseicons! Joy!
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