April 29th, 2005

Halloween Cat


Wow, busy day. Of course, it doesn't help matters that I friended kittypix -- very dangerous, but I've been just looking and squee-ing for several minutes now when I should be sleeping. Cute kitties! Wah!!!

Important topics of research I need to do tomorrow:

1) Check out what would be the most economical and practical car available which is also made in America (it's important to the character in question that his vehicle be both these things -- otherwise, he really doesn't care what he drives).

2) Get a vague idea of the cost of wedding cakes, from the ultra-elaborate to the "ordinary." In pounds as well as dollars, if I can. Ditto other details from weddings (dresses, tuxes, etc., etc.).

3) Remember to check the almanac for the weather in Boston in April of last year (that one I have bookmarked).

4) I can't remember if there is a #4. I think there was and I should have written it down sooner.

Reviews are finished and sent in. Kitchen is very dirty and needs cleaning, as do the living room drapes (maybe there is a drawback to having so many cats). I'm going to sit down to write and be annoyed because I haven't actually written any of the scenes that have been going on in my head for the past week, but work has been very hectic and I am pretty damned sure I need a new prescription, as I think my headaches are not just caused by allergies, but the fact that I'm squinting horribly to see anything at any distance, and by "distance" I mean about three feet. Close up I'm still fine (but the switching between is killing me).

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That one's no real surprise.

Also, a very, very excellent post in religious_left on the subject of legalized discrimination in Texas, quoting a speech made on Monday in the Texas State Legislature.

The "American Cities" meme has to be total crapola, considering it gave me, the Rocky Mountain girl, 65% on New York, 60% Chicago, 60% Philadelphia, 60% San Francisco, and 55% Los Angeles -- none of them cities I'd EVER want to live in. Visiting is okay, but living there? (No offense to those who do live there--but I love me my mountains. The higher, the better. To me, 7500 feet is just the start of a really good mountain.)

Finished up with our introductory dance course. Learned the cha-cha is basically the electric slide to another beat, so your country line dancers are just cha-cha-ing. Also learned the tango. Ah, if only I had a dancing partner to practice with! {big exaggerated sigh aimed at she-knows-who ;) }

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And now I should go to bed so I can be somewhat coherent at some point tomorrow.

BTW, I finally finished reading Candyfreak. If you love candy, you should read this book. If you LIKE candy, and enjoy reading humorous nonfiction, you should read this book. If you don't like candy, but enjoy reading well-written essays, read this book. Steve Almond can frickin' write a sentence. He's one of those guys who makes me feel hugely inadequate as a writer, and therefore determined to do better. I may have to read some of his fiction.
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