April 26th, 2005

Halloween Cat

Tuesday means "House"

Once again, I am two days and a million posts behind on reading my friends' journals. I don't know how it is that everyone I know puts up nifty and interesting journal entries when I'm away from the computer. So it'll take me a while to catch up completely. If, indeed, I can. Tomorrow is Wednesday and on Thursday sillymagpie and I have our last dance lesson, I have two reviews due on Friday, I haven't managed to write much more than a few words of fiction in the last week, and work has been insanely busy.

My boss came to me and asked if I could make a chart for him. I blithely said "yes" and then spent an hour trying to remember how to do so in Excel, which I use perhaps once a year. I remembered, and did a pretty good job of it. Hooray for me.

Interesting editorial in today's Times discussing the way the Bushies are turning America into a theocracy -- scary stuff. Managed to listen to about an hour of NPR yesterday, but gleaned from that brief brush with news (the first in several days) that Bush's popularity is sinking like a sinking thing. It's time to get that "Don't Blame Me" bumper sticker. Heh.

Today at work one of the girls I eat lunch with commented that today is her favorite day. I replied, "Tuesday?" thinking that she meant something else, but no, Tuesday it was, and all because of House, M.D. Who would have thought? And she has the same problem with it we do -- same basic plot every week -- but dang, he's just so nifty.

Of the discs I have to review this week, I prefer the Mel Street. Good old-fashioned honky-tonk and Rocky Mountain Memories, can't go wrong. Good dancing songs, too. But I'm about bluegrassed out, great as the Stanley Brothers are. The one I have to do next week, Robbie Fulks, is AWESOME. He's one of those guys I listen to and can't figure out why anyone actually listens to Tim McGraw.
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