April 24th, 2005

Halloween Cat

End of the Weekend, And All Is Well

I took off Thursday and Friday to Accomplish Something, and hooray, I did so.

It took longer than I expected to get the backyard cleaned up on Thursday. I got out there first thing and started mowing the overgrown grass, but it was well past noon before I finished all the trimming and clipping, raking and bagging. I swept and cleaned and watered and now the backyard looks amazingly livable, and I am most pleased with the result.

Then I went to a dance lesson with sillymagpie, which was most fun, but I was absolutely wiped out. I slept well on Thursday, and Friday began to work on the things INSIDE that I'd meant to do on Thursday afternoon (when I thought that mowing the lawn would only take up part of the morning). I did manage to get SOME of this room cleaned up, including scrubbing the floor under the desk and moving some surge protectors around so I have fewer things plugged into extension cords (it seems safer, somehow, now). Valuable lesson: When moving a little bookcase full of books and lined with some breakable items, take breakable items OFF the bookcase. I am now down a Blue Willow creamer and pepper shaker. I saved the salt shaker, and the lovely antique gilt-edged cup-and-saucer didn't fall. Lucky me. (I offer no excuse for my brain's inability to reason things through in advance.)

We watched the first three episodes of Blackadder the Third on Thursday night, because I felt the need for a young Hugh Laurie fix. sillymagpie thinks Rowan Atkinson should make a cameo appearance on House, M.D. That could be very amusing.

Another dance lesson, a hasty finish up of a couple reviews, and then a quick drive south to Coolidge for Collapse )

Saturday rahirah and I went out to shop and have lunch. I discovered my money woes were lessened by the arrival of my state tax refund (something I'd forgotten was coming), and then we started watching Godfather Part II. Then the April rains finally came, bringing down the temperatures that were getting too hot, too fast, and tiirz and edgedancer called, so we didn't finish the movie, but chatted long with pals and we'll finish up with the Corleones later.

Today we watched the newest eppy of Doctor Who, and went out to lunch with rahirah's mom. Now I'm watching the History Channel, who are talking about the apocalypse predicted in Revelations and wondering if I have enough energy to do a little writing.

So I didn't get everything done because I wore myself out on the first two days, but I did get a LOT accomplished, and that's A-okay with me.
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