April 16th, 2005

Halloween Cat

Today is Saturday

And I am:

You scored as Ram. You are the Ram. You often live in reality but turn it into your imagination at every turn. New beginnings are a favorite for you. You rule the mountains as a mejestic being.






























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Yesterday morning I had a dream. I don't always remember my dreams with this much clarity, so I have to write it down.

Barb and I had moved into a new house. It was very large and open and airy, and I would recognize it again in a flash if I saw it. The main room was one of those very open living/dining room/kitchen spaces where it's all interconnected, and there were large picture windows surrounding the back door, one of those with small-pane glass windows. I don't remember seeing the back yard from there, but I joyously spun around in the space-space-space of the middle of this room, thinking about unpacking all our new furniture (very wishful thinking), and then went to explore this wonderful new house.

Down the hall there was an arboretum with many trees of a jungle-like variety and a lagoon, and I went in and immediately saw a rat crossing a branch above me, and had the dual thought, "Hmm, not good to have rats in the house," and "Oh, how cute! A rat!" (Which is exactly how I tend to think, like the time I found a mouse in the house.) Then the rat noticed me and scampered off and down to disappear into the wall, and I noticed there was a large-billed bird sitting in the branches close to where it was, and it was apparently a rat-eating bird for there were many dead rats hanging in the branches around it, and I thought that must have been what scared the rat away. A noise from the bushes startled me and this enormous duck-billed, feathery creature came out of the greenery to slide soundlessly into the water and I thought, "Wow, that's so cool!" and I watched it swim for a while before I decided I needed to see more of the house. I don't know what the creature was now, but I seemed to know in the dream.

I picked my way through the water (I think I was wearing a nightgown and robe, although generally I don't wear flowing nightgowns) and back to the hall, which was now open-air with doors only on one side and lawns on the other. This morphed into a long row of houses that were all different but built together, like condos, and I explored down the street a ways before I considered I was in my nightgown and should go back, but somehow I'd ended up very far away from my own house, in another part of the complex entirely. I ran into a guy and asked for assistance, and as we walked, things got busier and more city-like, until we entered a very odd elevator with five or six odd-edged sides and I somehow knew my place was on the fifth floor (although it hadn't been in a tall building at all before), but the doors on one side of the elevator wouldn't close because my companion (who was by this time an older woman with short brown hair who I don't know now but did then) was standing where the doors closed. We (there were several other people in the elevator) got her to step off the lines and that's when I woke up.

Am I lost, or do I just want a big new house?

My in-laws are moving to Portland, just when I'd really started to enjoy spending time with them. I wonder what we'll do for the holidays this year.
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Halloween Cat

I Found the Culprit!

It's the "Linguistic Profile" meme that's screwing things up. Apparently the clash of it being in both janetmiles's and hazel75's did something that my setup couldn't handle, and when I removed both from the filter, everything else came through smashingly. :) With that in mind, once I took the test, I'll put it behind a cut: Collapse )

Let's see what THAT does. :)
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