April 14th, 2005

Halloween Cat

Boring update

Yesterday I spent most of the day trying to download and install the newest version of Norton, so my computer is nice and new and protected. Very nice.

I wish I could access LiveJournal from the office like, apparently, so many other folks can, because I come back from a day away from my home computer and find thousands of posts and comments and no way in heck can I get caught up with everything. Not that my friendslist is so enormous (not a plea for pity). LiveJournal is behind the Company Firewall (I get a big "Access is Restricted" notice if I try, and that gets logged at Corporate)... not that I really have any time to do this kind of thing at work. Since gaining more responsibilities, I find I still have to do all my regular stuff as well as new duties, so I keep pretty busy all day. I very often forget either morning break or afternoon break because time goes by so fast.

I've been putting together a packet to enter my book in the Southwest Writers Contest, which means the first twenty pages--double spaced--and a one-page synopsis. I've never tried to condense an entire novel into one page. I also moved a few scenes around to get the most important opening ones into that first twenty pages, figuring the intro of the main hero and heroine was more important than the first scene with the secondaries.

Weight: 163. I think I'm finally off the plateau (knock wood). The "skinny pants" that hung in my closet for a decade are now officially too big for me and have gone with the other fat clothes.
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