April 8th, 2005

Halloween Cat

End of the week

Okay, whatever it is I get, now I've had it twice. This mystery illness is much the same as the last time I was down, i.e., it comes on like a cold but never manifests any actual cold symptoms other than slight congestion which can be attributed to allergies -- however, body aches, general malaise, and deep weariness, lack of appetite, slight dizziness/lightheadedness, leaving me feeling constantly as though I'd had one too many, for approximately three days, and then it begins to clear up.

I don't know what it is. In any case, it never became a cold, and while I'm still tired today, my head is clearing up. And I'm hungry. Go fig.

My inner European is, like sillymagpie, Italian. The pasta and bread answer was probably the obvious. European answers didn't leave me space for my actual choice of car and vacation (trucks and mountains), so I had to go with best available. I have, to my knowledge, no Italian ancestors at all, unless they're way back Romans who co-mingled with my (known) Germanic and (assumed) Celtic ancestors.

I did manage to crank out two reviews I thought were actually pretty decent last night, despite having a brain stuffed with cotton. They should go up this weekend at About.

I'm about halfway through Candyfreak. Those who love candy should really read this book. It's really fun and well-written. There have been places where I've been laughing out loud, which is something to say for a non-fiction book. Of course, my deep and abiding freakish nature helps a lot toward understanding where the author is coming from. Speaking of which, Lake Champlain Chocolates -- the 5-Star Bar. Almost an entire chapter of this book is dedicated to this candy bar, which I had the luck to try a couple of years ago when the local import store actually carried it. I got two of them, and they have never been there since, although I search every time I go. The most amazingly delicious candy bar in the universe, for all its small size. Lake Champlain does have a website, and I'm tempted to order some, since they don't list Arizona among their retailers. Of course, if I do, I have to do it SOON, or I'll have to wait until November. It topped 95 degrees here this week.

When I came home someone had opened a bunch of programs on my computer and the search was looking for a file named "vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv." I think the cats were dancing on my keyboard.
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