April 5th, 2005

Halloween Cat

Tuesday blahs

I feel crummy. I'd better not be getting a cold. I've been assuming the congestion has been due to allergies, but it's so constant and so difficult to breathe, accompanied by body aches and tiredness, that I'm wondering.

It's also very hard to type with a blister on the tip of one's index finger. I repeat, do not touch hot sugar.

Almost all the Op-Ed pieces in today's Times were incredibly good reads. In particular, Paul Krugman (which disturbed me mightily) and Tom Cahill. Very interesting, Cahill's.

I'm the only Catholic at my regular lunch table, so everyone's asking me questions about what's going on in Rome. Like I actually know anything other than what I learn on NPR. After all, it's been 26 years since the last pope was chosen; I was only 14 when JPII was elected and didn't pay attention to such things then (or much of anything, then; I'm amazed I emerged with any knowledge whatsoever). The most I remember from then was the black smoke/white smoke and a bit on SNL Weekend Update where the anchor (Bill Murray, then?) said, "Didn't we do this last month?"

Why is it that when you're good at your job, your company bends all its efforts to see you move to another department? ("We're sure you don't want to stay here all your life, right?") My problem is I really have very little ambition when it comes to office work. I work so I have a paycheck, and yes, I am extremely anal about doing a good job, but I also like being good at my job, so why change? The only reason I left Word Processing was because of the stress.
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