April 3rd, 2005

Halloween Cat


These soft little cakey-cookies are deadly. Never buy them unless you're prepared to eat the whole package.

Rules for making creme brulee: Never touch hot sugar. My deep ramikins require baking the brulee at least twice as long as the recipe calls for, but it's perfectly smooth and very nice and creamy. I made creme brulee because I was making an angel food cake for rahirah's birthday (which is today, BTW), and the need of 12 whites requires a recipe that uses 12 yolks. They're perfectly suited to each other.

I can never not watch Rooster Cogburn (and the Lady) whenever I pass it when channel surfing, although it's really not that good a film. Kate and Duke are my two favorite actors of all time, so I can't help but wish that if these two were going to make only one movie together, why couldn't it have been a better one than this one?

I mourn the death of the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, with two edges. I can point to him as someone with whom I disagreed, often strongly, yet he was a man I could admire for many of his other stances and many, many of his deeds. He was key in bringing freedom to his native Poland; he was a powerful voice for peace in the world; he reached out to other religions around the world and seemed to accept that as long as God was being worshipped, it didn't matter how; he was all too human. Yet his stance on abortion rights, condom use, homosexuality, and women priests set the social face of the church back a couple hundred years. He did very little during the ongoing scandals here in America regarding pedophile priests and did not speak to condemn the actions of those men who were putting a black stain on the priesthood, and on the Church. A stain which may have been lessened had the Church itself had not worked so hard to cover up their crimes; the Pope himself seemed removed from the entire thing, seeming to pay little attention to troubles in the American Church except when it came to a woman's right to choose and a gay couple's right to marry.

But God rest his soul. His long suffering has finally ended. I found to my relief that I can, indeed, still admire someone I disagree with, something I'd worried about in the last few years, where I found most of government to be people I not only disagreed with, but also idiots I couldn't even respect. I'm glad to know I still have objectivity.
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