April 1st, 2005

Halloween Cat

One week later...

My, news can be stressful. All things I wanted to say were phrased perfectly by an old essay by typographer, which he posted a day or so ago, and once I stopped sniffling all I could say was "yeah, what he said." Today I didn't listen to NPR all day for a change because we had a "yay team!" meeting and a free lunch (which was pretty good, and bodes well for the finances of the company), and although I missed the Weekly News Roundup, the stress level seems somewhat less.

My inner proofreader has been going overtime. I'm illustrating a story for Tales of the Tai-Pan and I found myself using my pencil to proof the story, although I'm sure it will be edited before it goes into the mag. I did the same for a story chapter posted on a writer's list, which I'm glad of, since I so often find myself setting posts aside "to get to later," and invariably I fall down on the beta-reader job there. I sometimes wish I knew how to get a job doing that for galley proofs, because sometimes even published books make me itch for the ol' green pen (no, I don't use red).

I'm reading Candyfreak by Steve Almond, and I've found a bizarre soulmate of sorts in this guy, who apparently has had the same love affair with candy I have (although, lucky guy, he's one of those hyper-thin dudes who can eat candy 24 hours a day). Besides, I like the way he writes. He rocks, humor-wise. I was roaming around his website and he's got some stories posted, so he does more than research candy making. The stories seem pretty good, too. I may have to read his regular book. In any case, if you love candy, I recommend Candyfreak. It's fun.

K is for Keen
A is for Artistic
T is for Tempting
H is for Heavenly
Y is for Young

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