March 24th, 2005

Halloween Cat

More pondering

Good article again from Frank Rich at the NY Times; also a lovely, if somewhat vicious, op-ed piece from the ever-irascible Maureen Dowd. And Molly Ivins pointed this out: In 1999, while he was governor of Texas, Bush signed the Advanced Directives Act, which gives hospitals the right to remove life support in cases where there is no possibility of revival, when the family cannot pay, no matter what the family's wishes are.

In Texas, you can live in a persistent vegetative state only if you are accepted in one of the few institutions that provide such care or if your family is both willing and able to take care of you.
(Entire article here)

Oh, heck, I just remembered I should be writing a review instead of playing around on LJ. My brain doesn't seem to be working this afternoon, but I really ought to do it tonight so I don't have to write it in a great hurry tomorrow afternoon. I should have done it last weekend.

I just ate half a pint of Dove ice cream, and I enjoyed it. So there, minor guilt feelings.
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