March 17th, 2005

Halloween Cat

General Suckage

I have never taken a deduction, itemized or otherwise. I file Telefile/EZ. I didn't even make 30K last year. But I get a nasty-gram from the IRS saying I owe them money from a few years ago when they settled one of my credit card debts, and apparently the interest I didn't pay counts as income. They sent me a letter to that effect last year after I'd filed, and I set it aside meaning to file an amended form and then just plain forgot. So it's my own stupid fault, BUT... {sigh} Just as I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I find out it's a train. So I'll gather up all my papers and actually approach an accountant for the first time, and perhaps it's best I start doing that anyway, since I will be making over 30K this year. I hope they'll let me make regular payments on this, since I know I can't, ha ha, appeal to the compassion of the IRS.

My truck was making funny noises this last week because the muffler was falling off. That's been replaced, and if it were not for the stalwart wonderfulness of my best-beloved rahirah, I would have $3 to my name until April 1.

I'm seriously considering putting my Dwight-Yoakam-signed guitar up on eBay.

I have a review due tomorrow I have no interest in writing now. Thank goodness I got the review of Call Me Lonesome done in advance. Because honestly? I just want to sulk.

Some fun St. Patrick's Day. (Normally one of my favorite holidays. I'm wearing my green long-sleeved T, over which was a shamrock-green button-down, with my green blazer -- which is getting to be WAY too big for me anymore -- and my shamrock earrings with the lovely claddaugh necklace rahirah gave me for Valentine's Day. Am I Irish? I believe so -- I certainly LOOK Irish. My name is Irish. My mother's family is English-German. My father's family is German and... we don't know. It's possible my family name isn't "Coleman" at all, because we believe Dad's great-grandfather may have been a deserter and adapted a pseudonym when he came to Nebraska. But I choose to believe I'm Irish, and there's no way to prove it one way or t'other.)
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