March 12th, 2005

Halloween Cat

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Just a quick update. I apologize to all my LJfriends whom I haven't had a chance to actually read your journals because I've been apparently running around like the proverbial headless chicken for the last few days while everyone else has been posting journal entries. :) Our cable was down for one day and suddenly there's a gillion journal entries to read but I have business to do, so... quick notes: genebreashers, I was trying to figure out your word puzzle, but I got lost somewhere and missed it. fenchurche, ouchie. Take care of your foot, and I think your mom is right--the body forgets, and the memories of pain lessen (I read once that's the only reason women ever have more than one child). :) sillymagpie, heck, I'll see you in a few hours.

Last night was Dave Insley's CD Release Party, and I had a GREAT time. Dave's my main man, and I hope that disc sells well for him! If you happen to like Americana/country roots music, rush out now in a buying frenzy. It can be pre-ordered at any good online record store (including Amazon), or at Dave's own site. Official street date is March 22. It debuted at #5 on the Freeform American Roots (FAR) Charts, and my review will go up live next week at About. I know I already talked nutmeg3 into buying one. Got my pictures developed and can say without a doubt that Fuji 400 takes better pictures than Kodak 800 with my new camera (that's for people who still do the whole "film" thing... I wonder how long it'll be before film is considered in the same category with vinyl records?).

Yesterday I baked cookies and made the sad discovery that my baking soda has apparently gone off. I got very flat, but chewy, cookies. Tasty, but weird.
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