March 3rd, 2005

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I am so tired I need to come up with a new word for tired. Not even my Highly Selective Thesaurus for the Extraordinarily Literate is helping.

I have worked overtime every day this week as I appear to be one of three people in my office who understood when the boss said, "We need to get EVERYTHING finished by Friday, and you are permitted to work overtime to get us there." However, because I am one of only three who has done so, we will not be finished by tomorrow afternoon, and we will be working Saturday so we're cleaned out on Monday morning, when New Procedures will be implemented. I can only hope these will work. The lack of interest some people in my office seem to have for their job has frustrated our new supervisor nearly to tears.

On the other hand, mucho overtime means another good paycheck. I get my bonus tomorrow, and it's such a gigantic paycheck I'm kind of in shock. I have to remind myself NOT to race out and spend it all on Saturday afternoon. :) There won't be another one like that until next year, of course, but it still looks mighty nice. I'm not sure how much is the merit increase (standard raise), and exactly how much is the bonus, since they do this annoying thing of putting the bonus ("performance cash") in with a regular paycheck instead of cutting a separate check.

Characters go willy-nilly in my head and it's always nice to find out somehow I managed to give one the right disease. Knowing nothing about said disease, I allowed the characters free rein in my brain until I had a chance to look it up, but once I did I found out it's just fine. Well, not "fine," but correct. So I go back to this wonderment: Do I really write this stuff, or am I merely channeling actual events from a parallel universe? (There is a wizard living in my head who told me I was only his secretary, after all.)

Speaking of research, however, I couldn't find any information on what might happen, if anything, should a woman become pregnant and, unknowing, THEN begin taking the Pill.

Frank Rich's article is a good one today. Very interesting.

I got a very nice compliment from the artist for this review. It's nice to be appreciated.

Hurley's numbers: 4 8 15 16 23 42 Been reading some points from some folks -- the flight number was 815, and that's also Kate's safe-deposit box number; a baseball fan pointed out that every one of those numbers has been retired by the Yankees; Danielle has been on the island for 16 years. Repeats for a while now. And of course, as everyone knows, 42 is the Answer.

House, M.D. is just plain cool. I'm starting to even like the "ducklings." The scenes from next week showed a repeat, but TV Guide claims it's a new one. I'll have to see. Why does it have to be on at the same time as Scrubs?

Go here and watch. Laugh. Enjoy.

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