February 27th, 2005

Halloween Cat

Bored and cranky

It's Sunday, there's no soda in the house, and I'm feeling, well, bored and cranky.

I tried to write and got a paragraph done. I wandered around on freelance sites wondering if I should try and compose a resume to post but lack the motivation to do so. Some places pay freelance writers as much as .35 a word. Wow. That could add up, verbose as I get sometimes.

I want to do something, but I don't know what. I feel no motivation to do anything at all. Yesterday we went to a big rummage sale and I bought a wine rack-glasses holder, although I only have one unopened bottle of wine to put in it, and the rack only holds champagne flutes because the rails are so close together. But it was only $4. Then I laid down "for a moment" and slept for two hours.

I give NetFlix a big thumbs-up. Very fast service. Last night we finally watched "In The Heat of the Night," and yes, it's the awesome movie everyone said it was (we made the mistake of seeing "They Call Me Mr. Tibbs" first). Anyway, we'd watched the other two new discs on Friday night and they went back in the mail Saturday, and this one will go on Monday. Should it work the same way it's done so far, they'll have me three new movies by next Friday.

Also watched fenchurche's Christmas present, "American Dreamer," and it was mucho fun. Never had seen it before.

I need to clean this desk. There's other things I should do, but blah.

Our local Basha's has turned into a Food City. People in the Phoenix area will understand this step down, quality-wise. It was one of the oldest Basha's in town. It apparently has retained the entire crew, but something about it just adds to my overall crankiness.

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Halloween Cat

Still blah

Moved my State Quarters collection notes to an actual database. California is up for the next release (actually has been released, according to the US Mint website). I only have two Wisconsin quarters.

Spent the afternoon doing that and wandering around disconsolately. Wrote another two paragraphs. Switched viewpoints. Watching the week's worth of "Ellen" I had to miss because of working late nearly every day. Realized I still haven't watched last week's "Boston Legal."

I may have to actually go get some Diet Coke.
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