February 18th, 2005

Halloween Cat

The rainbow

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I had a very productive Friday off. I cleaned the bedroom, which was no mean feat, and actually threw away some junk. I need a box for better junk to go to Goodwill. I have, however, spent too much money in the last couple days (I bought new sheets at CostCo because the sheets we had on the bed had no elastic in the fitted sheet, and I'm a weenie who can't sleep on wrinkles), so I need to be very, very, very thrifty until March 4, when I get my bonus. I also made chocolate-covered strawberries with lovely Guittard chocolate, and am now marinading shrimp for a light scampi. Now I have to decide to have it with pasta or couscous.

I tried to use rahirah's digital camera but apparently it's beyond my feeble skills.

I did finish two of the four reviews I had due today. Oops. I begged for an extension and got it. I have three rolls of normal pictures I need to scan this weekend.
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