February 15th, 2005

Halloween Cat

Happy Valentine's Day


We were going to go to eat at Todai, only to discover that this magnificent restaurant, which we sampled in Las Vegas (thanks, fenchurche) and know to exist all up and down the Pacific Seaboard, failed in Phoenix and closed months ago. Sadness ensues. So we braved unGodly rush hour traffic (apparently, one should never, ever, EVER drive between 5 and 6 on Camelback. Just never) for about a block and ended up at a favorite local restaurant instead. I got some beautiful flowers from my sweetie. :) Then we went for ice cream and headed home.

I had forgotten it was a goodie day at work yesterday, so I didn't bake on Sunday as I had planned, and ended up just getting some bakery cookies on the way to work. Oops. Other bakers in my unit remembered, though, and there were some awesome peanut butter cookies, which I had two of, so the diet just went out the window yesterday. This is all right, though, because my weight yesterday morning was 163, which means 10 pounds since Christmas, good for me. Back on diet today (by "diet" I mean only the careful counting of calories, which I didn't do yesterday; I can guess I had over 2000, though, instead of the 800 - 1200 I try for).
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