February 4th, 2005

Halloween Cat

Fear and Loathing

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the news that Fife Symington, former governor of Arizona, who was indicted during the big Savings & Loan scandals and thus retired from that position, is considering running for governor of Arizona AGAIN because he disagrees with the way our current governor (democratic Janet Napolitano) is running things (i.e., well).

I suppose it could be worse, it could be Ev Mecham (a governor so bad he got Arizona spotlighted in "Doonesbury" for his little racist faux pas).

I'm actually in a fairly good mood, though, insanity in politics notwithstanding. Today I listened to Evita and marveled at the parallels between her appeal to the Argentinian people and Bush's appeal to the red state mentality (I can't blame the red states themselves, since I live in one--it's a state of mind, not necessarily a geographic location).

But overall, it's been a very good week. Today we got confirmation of our yearly merit increases, and I have received a VERY large yearly raise and a comfortably large bonus. :) I'm a very happy camper. I like being good at my job, even though occasionally I do think it's frighteningly simple. Of course, seeing others in my unit struggling so with it makes me wonder. I never think of myself as overly intelligent when I'm around people I'm friends with, but out in the wild world, I occasionally am startled by how, um, smart I actually am. Anyway, it kicks in come March. Woo hoo.

For the first time since I started there I find myself facing that bonus without having to pay off something large. I have a list of "things I want" that are too expensive to buy normally but could be potential targets for a nice bonus, such as finally replacing my WEDDING ring (take that, red states!), which I shrank out of when my ring finger reduced from a size 9 to a size 7 and I was in danger of losing said ring. We exchanged artistic puzzle rings, and the artist has a website and an exchange policy, but I have to make sure he still makes that style, and he won't have to make it anew. I also covet such things as TiVo, Ipods (or MP3 players of any kind), several TV-on-DVD sets, a new pair of boots, and a flat screen monitor, which have really come down in price. I also need a new VCR for the living room since the old one finally died. In six months I went from three VCRs to one.

Or I could save it and put it toward new living room furniture or a new mattress. Decisions, decisions...
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