January 25th, 2005

Halloween Cat

How nice it is --

To have a good supervisor. Today I was just about the only person around the unit at lunchtime when one of the processors came to our unit and asked for a rush job. She gave every sign that she would not leave until the documents had been processed and returned to her, so although it's not procedure, I went ahead and helped her, since I couldn't refer her to either the lead worker or our supervisor, who were both at lunch.

It was shortly thereafter that things hit the fan and I ended up running around trying to find the processor and the claim rep who needed the documents. All we had to get her to do was view the images we'd made and click a few keys to cover my ass. My supervisor was SUPER cool with my goof-up, even made sure to tell me it was okay, we'd get it, and once it was all smoothed over and proper procedure had been followed, he came to thank me for putting extra effort into fixing the mess we wouldn't have been in if I'd had the guts to say "No, I can't do that" to the processor in the first place. It's not like I didn't know better, but I didn't have anyone to pass the buck to. In any case, the problem was solved and all was well before the end of the day, and I left feeling pretty good, although I REALLY get obsessed when I make a mistake and will fret and worry and fuss and worry and fret until it's fixed, and even then I'll worry just in case something else got screwed up. It was mostly considered Priority One because Corporate is coming tomorrow to audit our unit, so it was not the best of times to have things "out of code," as it were.

These things wouldn't happen to me if my cubicle wasn't right next to the door.

Weight yesterday morning: 167. The scales at Ross were apparently off by some amount, but that's still pretty good--I lost all the holiday weight and a few extra pounds besides. While at Ross I tried on several pairs of pinstriped pants, but I didn't like the way they looked. I still search for the Exact Right Pair of pinstriped pants. (I found them once on eBay, but someone else outbid me.)
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