January 22nd, 2005

Halloween Cat

Useful day of getting things done

So this morning rahirah had to get up early to go to traffic school (she got her picture taken one morning), and I dropped off back to sleep after she left, although my best intentions had been to get up early and get stuff done. Still, the Imperious Cuervo came and meowed at me at ten, so I didn't sleep TOO late. I thanked him for the wake-up call and got up, got dressed, and got going. I took a package to the post office for Mom II (mom-in-law), we chatted for a brief time, and then I stopped at Home Depot for under-the-sink pipe fittings and a new pipe wrench, since we cannot find the old one we KNOW we have. Anyway, the complete pipe fittings, tee-connector and arms, was only about $6, and the big wrench was $11, so with tax and all, less than $20.

Came home and grit my teeth, ready for a fight with WD40 and sweat and anguish to get the old fittings off, because Arizona has water so hard you can walk on it without Divine Assistance, but to my surprise, the connectors came loose easy once I had the right wrench, and I took off the old and had the new attached in about fifteen minutes. No leaks, and it's all nice and tidy under there. Unfortunately, the sink's still draining very slow, so the clog wasn't in the elbow, but it must be past there, possibly out in the yard. I wonder if there are roots in the pipes (erg). But it was a quick and cheap repair, and I'm so glad.

I filled the bird feeders, pulled a few weeds out by the alley (the rain caused the explosion of weeds along the fences and curbs here), and cleaned the living room. Now... finish the kitchen and try to find a good new place for my die-cast car collection, since the old VCR is giving up the ghost and I had to detach it from the TV last night -- I don't know what causes old VCRs to trick out the color/sound on the TV. I get a green glow and a slight buzz when VCRs get old. When it happened in my office, I thought it was the TV, until I detached the VCR, so when it happened in the living room, I knew right away what was causing it. Since I can get a new machine that's even nicer than the old 4-head at CostCo for $50, I'm not overly concerned.
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