January 11th, 2005

Halloween Cat


Yes, indeed. Barring minor tweaks and any changes recommended by any brave readers/needed edits, it's done. I finished it. (If you are a brave reader, let me know how you'd like to read it. Printing it out is not easy, sadly. It's almost 450 WP pages.)

My, I'm tired this morning. It was very hard to get out of bed, and then I had to referee a lot of cat trouble -- Cuervo seems to like to pick fights, and this time with Silly, who doesn't back down like Cairo does, leading to a lot of noise. In recent months Silly had been losing a great deal of weight, which we'd attributed to his age, but it turns out he's not been eating. Whether it's his teeth or his bad ear making his jaw hurt, apparently, he doesn't care for dry food anymore. Since we've been feeding him wet food, he's filled back out. Unfortunately, Cuervo thinks he gets wet food, too, and really, he doesn't need it (fat cat). But the battle seemed to be over the right to pass through a doorway. Cats.

This morning I read an article about Rosa Parks in the New York Times. They're trying to find out if a lawsuit filed on her behalf was actually done with her permission, since her family thinks she wouldn't have objected to her name appearing in a song. Apparently, she's 91 and suffers dementia, so her judgment is now in question. It amazes me that Rosa Parks is still alive--her historical importance is so tremendous it's difficult to imagine that what she did happened within a current lifetime. I was listening to an interesting discussion on Lyndon Johnson and his importance to the Civil Rights movement yesterday on the Diane Rehm show. With those battles still so very fresh it astounds me that so many black people fight so hard against gay rights.
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