January 4th, 2005

Halloween Cat

More rain!

It's raining again today, same as yesterday, and as heavy as it was last Wednesday. This is majorly of the good. It's going to take many more days such as this until it's actually healed the long, long, long dry spell, but it's SO nice to see things like the Salt River actually being a river (and not the "Tempe Town Lake"). And of course, after ten years of drought and unbelievable population growth, the Valley is filled with thousands and thousands of people who don't seem to understand that those washes and dips in the roads weren't put there for aesthetics. Arizona washes laugh at these newfangled SUVs; they showed two of them stalled out in only a foot of water crossing 48th Street down in Ahwatukee.

Best yet, this storm is putting snow by the yard in the high country, which is MUCH better for drought relief. Last week's storms were warmer and the high country got a lot of rain, which washed off much of the early season snow pack and flooded Oak Creek, which really freaked all those desert newcomers who apparently didn't realize the height markers on the creek bridges actually meant something. I felt some amount of pity for people whose houses were flooded in Sedona, but much less for the ones who built right on the edges of the creek. Us natives have been warning "it's a river when it floods" for a decade now.

I really need to get more sleep.

And to go all Bridget-Jonesy: Weight 175 lbs. (I gained about four pounds over the holidays, which is better than it could have been.) Did a full workout yesterday. Good start.

Oh, yeah. Baseball moment: The Diamondbacks have traded Randy Johnson to the Yankees. I hate this town. :P
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