January 2nd, 2005


Happy New Year!

Too all those on my FList and those who wander by, any who actually read my ramblings at all, from me and all the people who populate my head, Happy New Year! May be a good one, certainly better than the last, and all those good and glorious things.

We really need more friends in the local area to come to our New Year's parties, 'cause it's hard to deal with the leftovers from a complete 14-pound turkey dinner for three. My yam, big as my head indeed, made more mashed yam than I think four or five yams. It nearly filled my four-quart pot. Very tasty yam, too. Plus mashed potatoes and stuffing and cranberries (provided by rahirah) and peas&onions, with nice bread from CostCo, and of course gravy. Plus sillymagpie brought a lovely pumpkin pie, so there's still more than half a box of petit fours and most of my whole jar of lime curd (which should be okay for a while). Whew!

We exchanged gifts, I got a copy of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, which hopefully I can start reading soon; a beautiful black suede leather jacket with fringe; the CD/DVD of Johnny Cash's last album with award-winning video; and some miscellany.

Watched some movies; capsule reviews:

Van Helsing: Worst Dracula EVER. [/Comic Book Guy]

Welcome to Mooseport: Cute little chick-flick, some funny moments. Enjoyed it.

Shaun of the Dead: BEST ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER!!!!! Awesome flick. Must own.

Saw several good episodes of The Twilight Zone during the SciFi marathon on Friday while cooking, and checked the guide they had available through most of today, but didn't see my favorite eps in the listings. Turned it back on just past midnight and NOW they're showing Time Enough At Last and Terror at 20,000 Feet, which are two of my favorites.

Mostly, had a very good time, no matter how few people actually come.

Now we return to counting calories and back to regular exercise, which I've neglected shamefully for the past three weeks.