July 15th, 2004

Halloween Cat

Various and Sundry

I have tried to upload a new icon (Sean Patrick's family crest), but it's a TIF file and I can't seem to make it a GIF without losing parts of the picture. Hmmm. I'm currently out of icon ideas, what a tragedy!

But I got my reviews done today after much stalling and putting-off. I only got the CD on Saturday, and listened to it yesterday, and then had to do some creative writing to make it sound reasonable enough when, to be honest, I didn't care much for it. (Someday I want a paying review job where I can say "it stinks!" when I think it does...) It was from the guy who does the "Yahoo!" yodel on the commercials, BTW. He's an okay western singer, but I don't like his voice much.

So, if it's not horribly tacky, I'm going to drop a hint about something I'd like for my birthday next month, right here.

For some reason I never seem to have any time anymore. I get home, I do my workout, and then suddenly it's time for bed.

Today I found out that the volunteer work I've been doing through my work is being discontinued. Apparently, making blankets for homeless children is not considered to be a part of my company's "Philanthropic Ideal." In other words, it doesn't make them any money. Irritating, because it doesn't cost 'em, either. I'm hoping I can find a place where I can continue to donate personally; in the meantime, when I'm finished up these last few blankets for them, maybe I can finish some of the projects I started before I got involved.
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