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Things which I have learned about traveling to Disneyland:

1) The sign on Splash Mountain which reads "you may get wet" should be modified to read, "You WILL get wet, nay, drenched, if you sit in front." It would have been a lot more fun if a) it hadn't been so cold, and b) my purse hadn't been cloth. If my purse had been waterproof (or even resistant), then everything I owned wouldn't have been drenched and my cell phone wouldn't have died. And if I hadn't then been freezing for the next few hours. For a brief time, all I wanted to do was lay in the sun. Instead I discovered the joy of collecting Disney crack pins.

2) Peak season is fun, but when it's packed to the rafters it's hard to get around and even with Fast Pass the waits are incredible. I've been used to non-peak, mid-week times. The weekend in October? Sardines! And a 65-minute wait for Space Mountain.

3) The Matterhorn is not nearly as scary as I remember from my childhood (for one reason or another, I've always managed to go to Disney when the Matterhorn has been either down for maintenance or refurbishment; this was the first time since I was something like seven years old that I've been able to ride it).

4) I was WAY more scared of the Tower of Terror than I should have been. I was very nearly panicked, and shaking, when it was done. I've done the lift-and-drop rides before and never been that scared. Don't get it.

5) If you want to eat at the Blue Bayou at a reasonable time, call WAY in advance. We managed to get a table at 8:50 Sunday night.

The drive home was uneventful. I finally found out about the old race track way out on I-10 just outside of Goodyear, which has intrigued me for some twenty years. I've always been fascinated by abandoned buildings/ruins.

Cairo has hurt himself somehow and we don't know what he did. There are scabs under his fur on his sides and belly, and he's limping on his left front paw. He wouldn't let me touch it on Monday, but he seems better today. I fret more, since he's my spoiled baby. The old boys are doing fine, for all their cries that we're deliberately starving them to death.

Back to work today. Apparently I am rather needed -- nothing in my research queues was touched; I spent today trying to whittle down the paper research and clear out last Tuesday and Wednesday. I almost finished Wednesday. Job security, indeed. While I wiled away my time at the office, Barb got a lot of work done on the bathroom. Hopefully we'll have everything ready for Saturday evening. *fret*

I have to get a new battery for my phone and see if it works - it came on again after it dried out but now the battery won't hold a charge, and I HOPE it's just the battery and not the phone itself.

We didn't get any pictures at Disneyland, though.

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