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Disneyland & legal marriage

I am married! Legally, by the power of the laws of the State of California. May it remain legal! (And screw 'em if it doesn't!)

I thank all of rahirah's friends who posted dozens and dozens and dozens of congratulations on her journal! It's much appreciated.

I was apparently very nervous, since once all the tension passed with the successful conclusion of the ceremony my shoulders have been very sore and my TMJ returned; still, I'm having a good time at Disneyland, of course -- it's changed a LOT in the way too many years since we were last here, but all the fun stuff is the same, naturally.

While I loved the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion, I miss the cheesy old songs and storyline, so we'll have to come back when it's not the holiday -- and of course when it's not packed to the absolute rafters with people. It is PACKED. We're taking a bit of a rest now, before going back for the fireworks. Yesterday, though, we only managed to hang on until around seven or so before heading back to the hotel to collapse (did I mention I'd been tense?). I conked out so thoroughly I missed out on the fireworks, but we'll make it tonight for sure.

My dragons all died. I knew I should have posted them once more before I left. *sigh* And two of them were my own bred dragons.
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