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Woo, two days in a row!

I suppose I really should keep this as a journal - that's what it's for, right? But I always think "I need something to say before I post," which means I end up not posting anything much at all.

Gym: I'm getting back to more of a weights regime, realizing the lessons I'd learned back when I first started this, that the weights portion of the workout is the most important, especially for weight loss and that all-important "fitting into clothes." I'd let it slide when my shoulder started to hurt, paradoxically, now that I'm lifting again, the pain is less and it bothers me less often.

Of course, being October, people are gearing up for the holidays, what with goodie days and bake sales and birthday parties and so on and so forth. I've been eating a lot, so it's very good that I'm working out strongly again. Now, to keep it up...

I was too tired yesterday morning to get up and get going, but I did do so this morning, at least. I've been very tired lately, and I'm not really sure why - except for the odd cat problem, I'm sleeping pretty well.

But, speaking of food - making cookies, did make tsatsiki, fried chicken thighs for dinner (in olive oil, at least) - found some lovely organic crackers/chips, which did a nice thing for me as, earlier today, I was lamenting the fact that all-natural, organic chocolate toaster pastries are not as good as Pop-Tarts... (and I still love white bread and iceberg lettuce, so there).

I need to make up a playlist for our trip (driving to California songs) and for the wedding; we figure it'll be easiest to hook the iPod to the stereo and just hit "shuffle," but we want to clear off all my annoying country songs and fill it with classic rock and such...

Dragons... Adopt one today! // Adopt one today! // Adopt one today! // Adopt one today!
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