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Midweek, the usual crap

First, I thank nutmeg3 for the photo which I used to make this icon, a photo of her too-cute-to-be-real puppy, Kaiya. Who is likely on her way to doghood at this point, but as we all know, time is what turns kittens into cats.

Why can't all the networks start and finish their shows at the correct times? I have to lose the last few minutes of Pushing Daisies because FOX runs Bones late and CBS starts Criminal Minds early. I suppose it's because of DVRs that they started doing that... At least ABC has a decent "watch this week's episode!" viewer, so I can watch the last two minutes of Daisies there.

Last night I made my chocolate-chunk pecan brownies (with cinnamon) for the United Way bakesale; I hope they did well. I bought a gooey peanut butter bar and a marshmallow treat, so I did my part.

I am insane, but I came up with a plot for NaNoWriMo, so even though I'm going to be on vacation from November 13 - 21, I may still participate. In the meantime, I've been piddling with that good vs. evil thing which is, once again, just two characters sitting around talking, but what the hell. That's what I do best. No one will ever want to read 'em, so why not?

I draw comfort from the fact that most people I know at work are voting for Obama.

I have to check and see if those walnuts that I rescued from Barb's mom's freezer are any good. I just got a good cookie recipe for chewy walnut molasses cookies. Another goodie day this week. Looks like I picked the wrong month to try dieting again. *grin*

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