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Valentine's Day

I've never before thought of Friday the 13th as a bad day, despite my heavily superstitious leanings. Usually good things happen to me on Friday the 13th, and Saturday the 14th is often just as good -- unless these things fall on Valentine's Day. Bad things have often happened to me on Valentine's Day, and this day is no exception, as I find out they have cancelled "Angel."

Oh, I knew it couldn't last, of course. My favorite shows rarely do (only "The Simpsons" has hung on for any real length of time). But I'm not ready for it to end yet. And fan fiction is wonderful and all, but I don't have the time to read as much of it as I'd like (plus, while there are great should-be-writing-professionally-and-getting-published fanfic writers out there, a lot of what I do find is, well, bad), plus... it's not the same as watching it. I've always been a big reader, but TV is my secondary outlet, and as people who know me know, I tend to have the TV on a lot (often even while reading). In the last several years TV has simply gotten worse and worse and worse, even for a dedicated viewer like me, leaving me with exactly three shows I don't like to miss: "Angel," "Scrubs," and "The Simpsons." There's a couple other shows I like, but these are the three I don't like to MISS. The others I can catch in re-runs, or syndication, whatever. But when there's new eps, yay. Now there won't be any new eps of "Angel" once this season ends.

I can only hope it goes out in STYLE. I can comfort myself knowing that BtVS went out in style at the end of season 5 (and, musical ep aside, probably should have ended there), so it could be a magical number. It never went on so long that I stopped watching completely (like, say, "Happy Days") and forgot about it. I never lost interest, like I have with the few other hour-long shows I got involved in (should I admit that one guilty pleasure I actually watched? It went on for many more years after I finally turned it off, though). "Angel" remains quirky and fun and intelligent and well-written, even though it stumbled a little out of the gate this season. I've never been so irritated with it I wanted to turn it off, and I never have stopped caring about anyone on the show, from the big loveable brooding lug whose name graces the title to poor, lost-in-the-shuffle, flamboyant Lorne (bright spot there, David Greenwalt may come back to direct an ep in the final shows -- and no one did Lorne like DG!). I even cared about Connor, even when he annoyed me.

So... I'll love what they have left for me, and I'll sign petitions and send postcards (send the WB their own "Angel" ecards! It's fun, fast, free, and satisfying: http://www.thewb.com/Faces/eCards/0,9767,42801,00.html -- to faces@thewb.com ), even though I know it probably won't change anything, because this was a Business Decision on the part of the stupid network, and I'll buy seasons 4 and 5 when they come out (and check to see if I have the money to get season 3 this week), and I'll be a fan as long as fandom holds out (just as I'm still a closet fan of the long gone "Cupid," which only lasted about ten episodes).

Although what I'm going to do with my Wednesday nights NOW...
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