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Ah, Friday.

I am discontented. I want pizza.

Tomorrow we go to the baker to talk about our wedding cake. In this we are most compatible: Chocolate!

I made cookies last night. Good peanut butter DOES make a difference (I used the last of the JIF instead of the all-natural organic stuff we get at Costco, which is the Best Peanut Butter in the World), yet they were hugely popular at work. I threw in a bag of the pink Breast Cancer Awareness M&Ms so they were for a good cause, even.

I finished one review, but haven't even watched the DVD that's also due. Oops. Fortunately I think they want me around 'cause lately when I make noises about my business, my ennui, and various other things, all I get now is a "oh, that's all right, you can do it next week." Heh.

Other writing? Not so much.

Dragons! Dragons, a whole little flock of pretty white ones!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

And an extra blue.
Tags: dragons, etc. etc., work, writing
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