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Midweek sleepiness

I didn't sleep well last night. Not really sure why (beyond the ceaseless meowing of cats who are STARVING, I TELL YOU, STARVING); so today feel a little yucky - at least, I hope it's lack of sleep and not the resurgence of my cold.

Today they had a barbecue at work (well, no fire, just pulled beef & sauce, but it was good), with everyone having a nice free lunch. Then I came home and we went out and used my birthday gift cards at Red Lobster. Yum. Feeling full, but pleasantly so.

Why is it that perfectly reasonable people (at least, I'm assuming) who would likely never take cuts at the grocery store turn into incredible jerks on the road? Twice today I had people shove their way ahead of me (in one case, rather dangerously so) and then slow down. Now, I may drive a large vehicle, but I do NOT drive slow, and it gives ME road rage to be cut off by people who do that. They have to race, race, race to get in front of me and slow down when there's no one behind me? Uh huh. I turn into a maniac and then end up driving 85 MPH the rest of the way to work...

Maybe I just answered my own question. (But I still don't treat other drivers like that!)

No comments on the current news stories; however, DO go and read the article nutmeg3 posted. Yes, indeed. I DO want an elitist running the country - an educated, well-spoken elitist who won't antagonize our enemies, annoy our allies, or throw all our money out the window. ("Trickle-down" economics appears to work fine when those at the top LOSE all their money.)


Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Two little whites and a blue.

Curious discovery: When downloading Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog, I discovered that the soundtrack costs $9.99, and the ENTIRE SHOW (all three episodes, which includes the music and everything else) costs $4.99. WTF?

I still haven't made those cookies I was thinking about last Saturday. Next week I have to make brownies for the United Way bake sale; I need to make something we can keep. Maybe tomorrow, while watching... well, politics again.

I REALLY need a 4-channel DVR. I don't have a lot of shows I record, but they appear to all be on the same two days. ARGH. And I missed the first episode of Pushing Daisies tonight because I forgot to set the season pass before we went to dinner. (Plus, Bones and Criminal Minds overlap, because FOX runs shows late and CBS starts shows early.)

Sleep now. No cats.
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