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Weekly roundup

This was actually a fairly productive weekend.

We got up early on Caturday and went to the local "Best of Phoenix" bakery to ask about wedding cakes. The very sympathetic (and I suspect, "Pride"ful) fellow at the counter made us an appointment and said normally they require a month for wedding cakes, but he'd put a "special rush" on ours. He was mighty nice. Then we did some shopping for Mom and went out for dim sum with the gang. We both napped some in the afternoon, and the evening we went over to visit the new kittens edgedancer brought home to he and tiirz. Adorable! (But then, hey. Kittens.)

Today there was much house cleaning, the sort with actual scrubbing and bleaching of bathroom grout. I finished all of the laundry and actually even got most of it put away (the sheets are still out on the line); including the dog bed. Most of the house has been vacuumed, the dishes done and put away, flowers planted and yard edged (Barb did that part), and a quick trip to Costco for essential supplies. Then I watched a few things off Tivo and "The Neanderthal Code" on National Geographic.

I didn't finish the floor in the back bathroom, nor did I put everything out here away, but there's five weeks until the reception. Whew! Only five weeks!

And, of course, dragons:

Adopt one today!

ETA: Wow, I post and then two seconds later, he's all grown up! Thanks!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

I'm worried about those eggs. Not even cracks showing, yet.

Even after a productive weekend, I still want MORE WEEKEND.

I took pictures of myself for the photomeme, but they're on the camera, whose software is on Barb's computer. I have to download it and put it on the shared drive so I can get it and post.
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