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I've been working out this week, going in the afternoon because I have been having trouble getting out of bed in the mornings - I don't like going to the gym in the afternoon. Not only is it hotter, it's more crowded, the parking lot is full from the church school overflow (I don't know why they don't park, you know, at the CHURCH), and it's impossible to get out afterward so I have to take the long way around... bitch, moan, whine. At least I'm working out again. I realized it's been a year since my surgery and I've never really gotten back into the swing of things the way I was before. I've gone in fits and spurts, but never really held to a schedule.

"I need to" seems to start a lot of my internal monologues lately...

Cerulean Chevalier:
Adopt one today!

Stormy: Adopt one today! *** Summertime (newly hatched!): Adopt one today! *** Orange: Adopt one today!

Baby Eggs: Adopt one today! *** Adopt one today!

It's so very comforting to hear phrases like, "the market hasn't taken a downturn like this since the 1920's."
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