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I can't believe it's been a week since I've been roaming around here already. I don't know what it was about last week that allowed me the ability to actually keep up a journal that was missing this week, but, to attempt reasoning:

1) I was doing some house cleaning on Friday and got a call from friends who were going to be coming in on Saturday. Cool! But part of Saturday was already spoken for, to wit, "The Book Sale." For those who don't live in the Phoenix area, "The Book Sale" is an annual event wherein the literate of Arizona gather in the freezing February morning to wait in line for hours to be the first ones in to load up on cheap used books. We've been regulars at this event for at least ten years now, and while I actually have many books from previous sales I still haven't gotten around to reading, I still can never ever miss it. However, it does mean one has to wake up at 4:30 to get to the line by no later than 5:30(and lest you find this crazy, bear in mind that gets you in just the first part of the line -- there are folks there who have been there since midnight, or earlier, with their sleeping bags, chairs, and whatnot). Friday night, however, for some unknown reason, the cat needed us awake. And he kept us that way for hours. So part of my problem this week was starting out on Saturday with about three hours sleep (if that).

2) Friends had a change of plans on Saturday and couldn't make it, but said they'd be in on Sunday, probably around noon. Slept better Saturday night (cat was reasonable), but woke fairly early Sunday to get ready. Spent the day waiting. And waiting. Friends finally made it, hooray, at 8:30. Getting events started 8:30 on Sunday was tough on light sleep, because of course I have to get up at my normal 5:00 on Monday morning for work.

3) Felt REALLY sick Monday morning, but managed to get over the weird lightheadedness and drag myself to the office. Friends stayed in town, so stayed up late Monday night, too. I do this to myself because I like people. :) Had a good time, and hope they come back SOON. Over the weekend. :D

4) Then suddenly it's Wednesday, and time for ANGEL again. Yay! Interesting episode. Very thought-provoking -- more of the man v. monster theme of the season. On a less deep level, I like Spike with dark hair. The bleached look is getting old. And a change of costume would REALLY be nice. Angel gets to change his clothes, why not Spike? It is because he hasn't got a job and he doesn't steal anymore because of the soul?

5) Which brings me to today. One other thing I've been doing this week, possibly because of the lack of sleep for which I am overcompensating, I've been eating like a horse. When the nice "thin pants" are starting to get tight again, that means it's time to start really watching the calories, and getting my butt back exercising. Hopefully tonight I can get a decent amount of sleep.

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