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Okay, so, with the best of intentions, I enter the weekend ready to cram my ass off to take that test on Wednesday and pass it.

So I wake up with a sore throat on Saturday. By Saturday night, full-blown cold. I slept all day Sunday, could not focus enough to read anything, much less actually study. Called in sick today. Slept most of the day. Took two practice exams, trying to catch my weak spots. I got a 52%, then a 55%. I still can't really focus on reading (certainly not absorbing anything I read). Argh, argh, ARGH!!!

There's no way in hell I'm going to pass this test. Damn it. At least I have tomorrow. Throat still hurts a little, but I'm generally better, just not focused. At all.

Pray for me.

McCain's up in the polls, dead even with Obama now. And there are folks who think the Democrats have a chance in heck? We're gonna lose again, because that good ol' 51% thinks his sexy librarian VIP's the bee's knees. And I sob for my country.

Argh, again.

Oh, and, of course: Adopt one today!

Maybe when I'm done blowing this test I can get back to playing around with dragons. Thanks to all for the clickies to help my other babies grow up!
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