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Some general thinky thoughts

I have come to the conclusion that they'll probably win, and I'm in for another four years (at least) of them regulating how I think and who I want to sleep with. Thank goodness we're getting married before the election. Even if they take it away, they can't take it away...

Pessimistic? Well, yes. I went into the last two elections filled with hope, after all.

And of course, baby dragons:

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

And I just keep breeding 'em:

Adopt one today!

I did not do any of the studying I should have done last weekend. I tried, honest, I did, but it just never seemed to happen. Now I'm somewhat less optimistic than I was. But I need to pass, somehow, 'cause suddenly I need that bonus -- the property taxes arrived today. Ah, the joys of being a homeowner. That money was going to be for the honeymoon! We shall soldier on! Somehow we'll have the cash for everything... (no, I won't take up bank robbery.)

I wish I knew how to write short stories (goes the mantra). I love my universe, I love my characters, I wish I had more readers. I know, I should take up fan fiction, it comes with a fan base already attached...

Okay, this weekend I MUST study, and somehow do a little cleaning up, too. No more goofing around!
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