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Three-day weekends are good

Happy Labor Day, everyone, whether you are laboring or not.

I'm finally doing the stuff I should have done yesterday, laundry and mopping and the like. We've been having the annual ant infestation - they were using the dining room as the super highway between the back porch and the front - I suppose that's what they used to do, when it was a driveway. But no more. We got some environmentally friendly "no poison" ant killer, but it smells like we spilled a bottle of Listerine (minty fresh!) in there and it stays greasy and damp, so I had to clean it up, and the ants came right back. We got some bait traps for outside which looked like they attracted a lot of ants yesterday, but now they're marching from one hole to another carrying things in a very ant-like business fashion; however, they're outside, so I have no problem with that. I don't know how long those baits are supposed to take, if they carry it back into the colony.

It's still very, very humid out there - cooler, but if you actually MOVE you're immediately dripping with sweat. I got the birdfeeders filled and the hummingbird feeder likewise; last evening I was washing it and preparing fresh nectar, which had the local hummers hovering around where it was supposed to be, giving us the "where's the chow?" look. Hummingbirds can be surprisingly demanding.

This baby might be in trouble: Adopt one today!

And then there's bi-color:
Adopt one today!

And the tiny newborn:
Adopt one today!

Having now seen them both, I have to admit I'm shamefully fond of both the Harold and Kumar movies. They're desperately silly.

I HAVE been studying, although not as intensely as I perhaps should. I'm still feeling really confident about this one, though; for all I thought commercial insurance would be tough, so far I don't feel like there's anything in there I don't know pretty well. I'll take some practice tests this week, though, to prep a bit more.

Two nights of really good sleep in my own bed has made up for one hot night without air and one not-quite-so-comfy on Mom's couch.

Now I want to go Do Something.

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