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Yes, I have been watching a lot of the Convention. Some of the speeches have made me squee out loud. I can only hope it continues (but after the last two elections, I face all of them with a sense of Impending Doom...).

Today the cable man came, and, unbelievably, we have BBC America again!!! Last week a tech came out, looked at what we had, and basically said that our cables are decades old, they really can't carry the digital reception, and he sounded flat out surprised we EVER got pictures at all on the digital stations. So he called it in, told them EXACTLY what was needed, and the man came and did it this morning. He said apparently the reception is still pretty weak overall to the house, since he needed to keep the booster in place, but I now have my digital stations again.

Of course, there's nothing good on BBC America for, like, DAYS, unless one likes hours and hours and hours of "How Clean Is Your House?" "Cash in the Attic," and "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares." I don't watch American reality shows, either. At least tomorrow appears to be Monty Python day. And eventually Doctor Who and Torchwood, and I finally saw an ad for Primeval, which looks interesting...

For the first three days this week we worked a bunch of overtime to try and catch up from the last several weeks. The boys that were hired months and months and months ago are still piddling along, supposedly "finished" with training but still moving very slowly. The girls who started on Monday are already moving from their first training post to the next one - the girl I'm training was pretty well finished with her work when I got there and had found new things to do. She picks things up on her own and is eager to learn more.

Not that I mean to make a comment about boys v. girls, mind you... *g*

I have long been meaning to make this List of Expensive Things We Need/Want:

1) Have the closets done. We had two closets installed in the new dining room/foyer area, and the insides are still just basically piled with Stuff. We want one of the many interior closet companies to install shelving, rods, etc., to make them proper closets.

2) Carports. Since turning the main carport into a dining room, Barb has to park in the sun (this is no joke in Arizona). My carport is a makeshift cover we put together with piping and sunshade material, which comes apart in strong winds. If I have a real carport put on my driveway, I would also like to pave said driveway (it's gravel, now).

3) Flooring in the rest of the house.

4) New shed.

5) Cover the back porch. (Possibly part of future home remodel; new bedroom, bathrooms, etc.)

6) Computer desks.

That's all I can think of right now. I know there's more, but I can't remember right now.

Dragon: Adopt one today!

And now, on to Friday.

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