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Too much is NEVER enough.

The Dragon Cave was down most of the day, as they moved everything to a new (and apparently faster) server. When it came back up, Cloudchime was an adult. She and Hajimemashite have produced several eggs, one of which I got to keep:

Adopt one today!

And then Annaffiare and Pequeno Verde got together to produce a clutch, with, again, me getting one:

Adopt one today!

And then the ones I had:

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

They have some new widgets to play with on the site, too, including an "incubator" which allows you to post all your dragons at once:

You can play with the settings; I have to see what all I can do with it. Mine apparently didn't save to ImageShack, so I just downloaded it as is.

Speaking of servers, ours was down at work Company-wide today, for a couple hours. Put us behind so I had to work late. So it's eight o'clock already and we just finished dinner. I marinaded a lovely steak in marsala wine and spices, then cooked the wine down into a spicy-sweet glaze. It was nice.

Now I'm watching the Diamondbacks kick the stuffing out of the Padres. Why can't they play like this when I'm in the stadium? (Okay, admittedly, we've only actually been to two games, but STILL.)
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