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I have nothing to talk about except dragons

I actually meant to post this yesterday, but after I adopted (stole) them, the Cave went down and I couldn't get back in...

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Thanks to all for the clicks, of course...

I now has many happy and lovely dragons!

One baby about to become an adult:


Adopt one today!

Two new adults:


Adopt one today!


Adopt one today!

And the previous two, offspring of my first groups:

Hueso Gris:

Adopt one today!


Adopt one today!

Does I have fun with dragons? Yes!

Am I doing anything else worthwhile? Hmmmm....

Our router keeps going in and out, so I haven't been online as much; this does force me to study, and I'm actually somewhat optimistic about my chances of passing, although I do need to get more done.

Saturday morning we got up and did yard work, turning the jungle of overgrown grass and deadfall
grapefruit into something more resembling a lawn (we did eat a LOT of grapefruit this year, but the two of us cannot come close to eating all we grow). I finished two reviews I had put off until the very last minute, then we went to our Safeway's "grand re-opening" (although they never really closed during remodeling) and spent a lot of money we normally wouldn't have done, but they'd sent us coupons! So there is much nice meat and a lot of canned cat food to tempt Mr. Finicky.

But she paid ten dollars for a ten-cent hat
And bought some store-bought cat food for that mean-eyed cat.

Later in the evening, we went to framefolly's place, where we had lovely food and conversation, then watched the first part of The Tenth Kingdom. Been WAY too long since I last watched that! It was pouring rain in Tempe when we left, but it abruptly stopped when we crossed the river into Phoenix, and we didn't get a drop up here. Woe.

And where, oh where, has Psych been all my life? I discovered it by accident (have seen a few people mention it, but no squeeing fangirls to point the way), and now I am much enamored. Sean and Gus rock. The joyous thing is, I have two whole seasons to catch up on, as well as the current one. (There was a mini-marathon on Saturday, so have seen a good deal of seasons 1.) Whee!

Sunday did laundry and the requisite housework, some studying, cleared a lot of stuff off Tivo, and that's about it.

Today was Monday, and there was nothing new going on there. (Next week our new employee starts, and I'm training her. Her name is Destiny. This may be her first real job out of school. Oh, GOD, please let her be able to think!)

I am not talking about my weight because I don't want to jinx myself, but I seem to have stepped off the plateau. Unfortunately, I'm still so tired all the time my exercise has been cut in two (at least). I keep my fingers crossed.
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