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They put the lime in the Diet Coke

I drank them both together. And yay, it's yummy and good! (Unlike Lemon Diet Coke, which I think tastes like Pledge smells.)

I can't seem to type today. Still, of course, on Super Crummy Job, the only one of our rotating tasks that I hate, loathe, despise, and was nearly reduced to tears over because it makes my whole body hurt. I won't go into details unless anyone wants to know, but it's one of those things where we do it this way because Corporate tells us to, and I am willing to bet my house that if just ONE Exec came down from the Ivory Tower and DID this job for just ONE HOUR, there would be a more reasonable, sensible, and cost-effective way of doing it implimented within a day. Mostly I think it's a gigantic waste of time, talent, and paper, and there are definitely more cost-effective ways of doing it. But my back hurts and my brain is fried. So... sizzle...

I stopped and did my duty in the Please Get Bush Out Of The White House movement by casting a vote in the Democratic primaries. It came down to a coin toss for me between two of the candidates, and I'll be content if either of them end up being the final one... just so long as they Please Get Bush Out Of The White House. I put my "I Voted Today" sticker in my bag and thought that maybe, just maybe, if that happens, I might even get my patriotism back and will no longer be embarrassed to wear a flag pin. :P (How do I hate Bush? Let me count the ways...)
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