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Because dragons am keen

I've bred two of my girls to two of my boys:

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

I still want a blue or a white one; it's getting hard to find them just laying around anymore (and it looks like when you breed 'em, you get more of the same sorts - these two appear to take after their mothers).

I am making an Asian-style noodle soup for dinner. I couldn't tell what the bok choy was at Sprouts (the labeling was appalling today; I had to help a nice little old lady find the beets and the price, which were separated by several feet), so there is some sort of endive in there instead. Should be all right.

I FINALLY got back to the gym this morning! I'm sore from a home workout the other morning (I've been using my ten-pound weight as a sort of psuedo-kettlebell, see ad_kay's workout journals), and a ten minute session has really played havoc with my gluteus maximus. Probably good for me. Heh.

They're going to re-open the Dunkin Donutses here in Phoenix on August 15. (They've been closed since March for re-organization, re-modeling, and re-vamping; apparently our Dunkins were the last in the country NOT to serve sandwiches and other stuff in addition to donuts... sad, since I always thought they did better on the donuts when they focused, but apparently now they're in competition with Starbucks and Seattle's Best, etc.) I've missed them, though - there's no donuts as good as Dunkin Donuts (sayeth the westerner).

Of course, I'm doing well (knock wood) for a change on my weight, so maybe donuts aren't the best idea... Still, if I deny them to myself, I'm more likely to splurge elsewhere. I can has ONE donut.
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