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Cable troubles...

Our connection was spotty last night and today the only computer in the house that can log into the Interwebs is the desktop, so we figure the router's gone flooey, somehow.

ETA: My last two hatchlings have grown up!

Aren't they awesome?
Adopt one today!
Adopt one today!

I noticed today for the first time that Darjell and Xeil are also female (although, of course, it does say "you're not sure how to check"). I hope my green eggies provide me with some males.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

And soon, I'm sure, I'll decide what I can actually DO with them. I was saying to Barb earlier today that it's like any collection - you have the joy of getting them, and then looking at them. And I'm nothing if not a collector.

I'm getting my period for the third time since June 16. Yes, it's the same problem I was having a while back, but it settled itself out and I stopped worrying about it because I seemed to go back to normal. And I wonder if that's why I was so tired and muscle-achy all last week (grumble). And because it HAD gone back to normal, it's nothing I mentioned to my doctor when I was getting blood tests - which all came back great anyway, with no explanation for why I am tired and run-down feeling all the time.

Locking mailbox purchased and hung up. It will make getting packages a lot harder now (gripe); we used to have a nice big mailbox that most Amazon boxes would fit into easily. Thank you, human race.

One thing about working on the desktop again - the monitor is brighter and the colors are crisper (and I have better posture in here, too). But the Tivo is in the living room! Ah, the choices...
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