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Here there be hatchlings....

My babies want to grow up!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

To the makers of Live CDs: When you break the concert into individual tracks for a CD, you should put the introduction for the song on the track WITH THE SONG, not at the end of the previous track!!! Honestly, those of us who use "shuffle" would appreciate it.

There was apparently a real monsoon storm in the Valley last night. Trailers tossed around like toys, phone poles snapped like matchsticks, flooding, the works. We didn't have a drop of rain here. That's Arizona storms for you.

What does one feed a cat who won't eat anything? *sigh* Something he loved yesterday is boring and apparently totally beyond the pale today. After three flavors of cat food (chicken, livers, and salmon), I gave him mackerel (human food), which he ate some of and then went back to staring at me with pleading eyes. I'm apparently starving him on purpose.

And Cuervo ate all that Silhouette scorned, then threw it up on the carpet.

I have cats again why?
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